Pixil Studio Headshot Information and Common Questions and Answers

Having a great professional headshots is a crucial part of how we connect with others today. Whether it be on Linkedin, Facebook or in-person, your headshot is a key part to making a great first impression.

What Should I wear for the Business Headshot?

Even as business attire gets more casual each passing year, a business headshot should have formal look. You may wear whatever you like, but you should have a suit coat or blazer at the least, and men should also have a tie. We can dress that down and do a clothing change if necessary. Avoid overly patterned, shinny or textured fabrics and form fitting attire works better than wardrobe that is more flowing. You can bring multiple shirts and ties or blouses in different colors so that we can choose what works best for you.

What Should I Wear for the Modeling or Actor Headshots?

Men – Several pressed or steamed solid neutral colored tops with varying neck lines and layers (ie: sweaters, t-shirts, collared, button down…)

Women – Same as above – avoid overly patterned or textured fabrics. Form fitting attire works better than wardrobe that is more flowing.

Casting directors want to get a sense of your body type – camisoles or a V-neck work very well, and as mentioned layers are great too! For both…it’s best to keep it simple when choosing clothes. Don’t let yourself get too consumed by it. Suits and other more specific looks can be explored if needed but beyond that, this is about selling you, not so much about what it is you are wearing. Whatever you decide to bring along make sure it’s stuff you look in the mirror and feel great in!

What About Makeup?

The DIY option

Men – Makeup is generally not needed, however If you have experience with it your welcome to it.

Women – Whether inside or out we will be under professional grade lighting and your base/foundation should be heavy enough to stand up to it. However, don’t over do it! Crazy colors, or shimmers can be very distracting; your regular base with every day mascara, shadow, blush and lips should do it. Make sure to avoid using base or powder with any UV/SPF protection or titanium dioxide as this reflects light and causes highlights on your face. “Photoready” base and powder like “Revlon’s PhotoReady™” powder is good and affordable. MAC products are also recommended. If you do not use a makeup artist then go to a MAC Cosmetics or another store and ask a makeup artist there what they recommend for flash photography and natural light situations.

Want to hire a pro? No problem!

Pixil Studio is proud to offer hair and make up services by Danica Jardien.
Danica’s work and experience includes political figures including Barack Obama, athletes like Carmelo Anthony to models like Tyra Banks. Her approach to makeup: “All beauty is a form of art to me, whether it is beauty from nature or from within. I take that inspiration and create a look that is suitable for that individual.”
Danica offers individual hair and makeup starting at $75, with day and half day rates available for groups and events. For more information and/or to book an appointment please contact Danica at 720.939.3650 and her website at www.danicajardien.com

I’m Ready to Take the Next Step… What Now?

Great! When you are ready to book you appointment please contact us at Bryan@pixilstudio.com or give us a call 720 201 6998. In-Studio shoots can be scheduled between 8am and 9pm. Outside shoots can be scheduled anytime during the day, with the best light being in the “Golden hour” which is 1 hour before sunset. Please come with hair and makeup done and ready to shoot. Also, feel free to go through my galleries or other sources of inspiration to the shoot or to us by email so that we can get the look you are going for together.

How Does the Proofing Process Work?

I do something for my clients that a lot of photographers don’t do…I give you the images from the shoot…why? Well, why not. They have more use to you then me. I will do a quick edit and collect all the keepers and discard the blinkers and bad expression. Ill do a basic RAW processing, contrast and color correction on all your images, along with basic blemish and scar removal. We will then “Dropbox” your images to you. They will be high resolution and royalty free (meaning you will have full rights to both digital and print reproduction). At this point, you can select the images you would like for a final retouch If necassary.